Sales and Marketing are arguably the two departments in any company that work the closest together. However, this is not always the case. Quite often there is a significant divide or fragmentation between sales and marketing.

Throughout the years we have experienced both sides of the spectrum. We have seen marketing resources go to waste and sales generated that don’t fit a company’s profile. 

This is what Breathe Media wants to challenge.

THE approach

Often when organizations try to achieve specific goals, they will just look at a section of the problem rather than focusing on the bigger picture. Sometimes they will try to solve an operational problem with a strategic solution.

It’s like trying to fit the triangle plug into the square hole, it just won’t work; the solution doesn't fit the problem.Whether you’re facing a strategic, tactical or operational challenge, Breathe Media can help. By combining existing resources, tools and knowledge with a fresh perspective and vast experience, together we will effectively and efficiently achieve your goals.


Without a clear eye on the target, it's almost impossible to reach your goals. Together with our clients and partners, we analyze their business objectives, their current strategical position and what they hope to achieve. 

Once we have clearly defined the challenge, we can start to define possible solutions.


The challenge has been defined and possible solutions have been outlined. Now it’s time to decide what route to take and what tools are needed. Just like every challenge is different, the way of solving a challenge is just as unique. 

Together we will focus on the most efficient and effective ways to achieve the best possible results, with the greatest possible impact.


All of the planning is done. We know exactly what we are aiming for and how we plan on getting there. Now it’s time to get it done. With a combined team of internal practitioners and a wide network of specialists, we pride ourselves in putting the right team together for every project. 

The completion of a project is not an end point. We ensure that all results are tracked and analyzed for future fine-tuning, learning and developing.


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